Myke (heraldofchaos) wrote in zero_project,

i got your string theory right here!!!

"A supersymmetric string theory is called a superstring theory. There are five kinds of superstring theories, shown in the table below."

"And now the biggest rush in string research is to collapse the table above into one theory, which some people want to call M theory, for it is the Mother of all theories."

(re : )


this is stupid and petty of me, but the ongoing quantum mechanics argument getting shot down by un-definable "junk" science of a unified superstring theroy.

ya think that possably some one figured it out and made it all work, that maybe it might have been in the news.

"...and in science news, quantum physicists today figured out how the univerce works..."

jesus, look a the hooplaw about black holes when that happend, and we always knew black holes were out there, we just hadnt seen one yet.

i figure solving issues with the core fundament of reality would atleast rate a page three story.
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