Taco (soulreaver626) wrote in zero_project,

I Need Help-Bad

I'm new here.I really need to know if anyone knows how to help me.To make a long story short,my computer will not connect to the internet.No cables were unplugged and no viruses or even adward was detected on my computer.

This is the 3rd computer We've had where I live that did this.Nothing will connect:not aim or yahoo messenger and internet explorer just says "cannot find server"

It was fine this morning and i went to sleep and when i awoke,aim had signed off and when i clicked on it to sign in-it says "this aim service cannot be reached"

My computer simply will not do anythign witht he internet.And like I said-this is about the third or fourth comp in my house to do this.I am at my mother's house using the internet right now.My computer is only 6 months old and already something is wrong with it.

One minute its online and the next minute,nothing works.No programs were run and no sketchy websites were visited this morning.I was using aim,put my away message up,went to sleep and woke up and nothing will connect.

If anyone knows what the problem os or how to fix it,I guarantee on my father's grave that I would even mail you money for helping me.I can't take it anymore.This is the fourth computer.

It might take me a while to get any comments,because I will not be able to drive here every day to check my email
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